Our company is a precision CNC equipment R & D, sales and service of high-tech enterprises. Companies in the spirit of "continuous development and progress". "Customer-oriented" purposes.

Focus on R & D and manufacturing high-speed cutting and efficient processing technologies. In order to produce a more accurate, faster, more powerful, more stable performance CNC machine tool

products to meet customer needs. The company mainly produces high-ray machine, engraving and milling machine, precision ceramic dedicated machine, complex high-speed machining centers, CNC equipment.

We It can also design and produce various kinds of non-standard CNC machining technology and equipment in accordance with the specific requirements of customers for all types of businesses.

Our proven products have been widely used in manufacturing of various fields, such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, headphones, speakers, watches, digital cameras, LCD monitor.

Equipment using natural granite body, triaxial used in Japan, the German high-precision linear guides, ball tied; the use of imported spindle motor...




We are committed to the development of CNC machine tools, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.

Companies in the spirit of "continuous development and progress", "customer first" purpose, and constantly adjust the structure, the development of new technologies and new products. In order to produce a more accurate, faster, more powerful, more stable and easier to control the operation of CNC milling machine series of products to meet customer demand.

The company mainly produces glass milling machine, high-ray machine, batch flower machine, engraving machine, CNC machining centers, and other equipment. Process and specific requirements we can also provide customers for various types of enterprises according to the design and production of various types of non-standard CNC equipment. Our proven products have been widely used in various industrial fields, such as high light decorations corners, plastic molds, metal molds, hand model, mobile phone lenses, e-governance, and other processing industries. Equipment using all-natural granite bed, three-axis Japan, the German high-precision linear guides and ball screw; use of imported, national best brand spindle motor, also optional pneumatic and automatic tool change; imported servo drive motor; use Po-yuan, the new generation of CNC system maintenance.

Strength of technology companies, scientific and standardized management, has first-class CNC machine tool manufacturing technology, high-quality prestige and design team; has a series of high-precision machine tools and testing equipment, a group of outstanding high-quality professional and technical personnel. Company to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development for the purpose. Constantly improve the management and technical level, it is the implementation of integrity and pragmatic, the development of philosophy, pay close attention to product quality, provide customers with the best products and services.

We are willing to cooperate with you and industry colleagues to establish a sound partnership, and break-welcome the community to visit and negotiations.