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Precautions for Starting up Special CNC Lathe

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Special CNC lathe coordinate system is the inherent coordinate system of CNC lathe. It is the basis for manufacturing and adjusting special CNC lathe, and it is also the base of setting workpiece coordinate system. Special CNC lathe coordinate system in the factory has been adjusted, generally do not allow free to change. The reference point is also a fixed point on a dedicated CNC lathe, and its position is determined by a mechanical stop or travel switch. Confirm the machine coordinate system by returning to the machine zero.

Back to the mechanical zero before the first boot, dedicated CNC lathe before turning on the first familiar with the CNC lathe panel. The form of the panel is closely related to the numerical control system. Dedicated CNC lathe is difficult to have a boot. For the production system with lathe. Most of the boot is relatively simple, generally open the power, the direct start of the CNC system can be.

After turning on the machine, it returns to the origin of the special CNC lathe (or reference point, which is a fixed distance from the origin of the special CNC lathe). The return to zero (reference point) of a dedicated CNC lathe is performed by placing the switch in the "homing" position. Press the manual axis feed direction keys X, Z to return to zero indicator light. After turning on, it must return to zero (reference point). If it is not done, the function of pitch error compensation and backlash compensation can not be realized. Setting the machine machine origin is directly related to the G54 command in the programming.

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