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CNC machine tool industry is expected to continue the high growth of autonomy

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CNC machine tools as a national defense military strategic equipment, a variety of weapons and equipment of the most important means of production, is an important guarantee for national defense and military equipment modernization. The revitalization of CNC machine tool industry in terms of the machine tool industry has a certain degree of difficulty. Development of digital control machine tools required for digital manufacturing technology is the core of advanced manufacturing, is the key to achieve independent innovation.

At present, China's domestic CNC machine tool development is slow, the future need to be further improved. The national CNC machine tool R & D personnel, the shortage of operators, and the existing tertiary institutions and the lack of corresponding counterparts professional, is affecting the domestic research and development of CNC machine tools in the future.

Should play more the role of the machine tool factory, through the "production, learning and research" combination to promote and accelerate the training process. Haas has established 360 Haas Technology Education Centers in the United States and Canada, and recently announced the construction of 100 Haas Technology Education Centers in Europe. Their starting point is to see the NC machine tool talent shortage has become a universal problem facing the world.

CNC machine tools are metal cutting machine tool manufacturing. In the national revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry and the international industrial transfer, driven by investment in China's equipment and equipment investment growth rate in the next 5-10 years will continue to maintain the level of about 20% of the machine tool industry demand will continue to maintain high growth. Driven by the demand, China's CNC machine tool production to maintain high-speed growth, with the deepening of economic restructuring, CNC machine tools and CNC system equipment category of high-growth companies is expected to continue.

The rapid growth of demand for CNC machine tools to bring the huge demand for CNC system. The domestic demand for high-end machine tools in more than low-end machine tools. China's CNC metal-cutting machine tool industry, lack of investment in technological innovation, independent innovation capability is weak, resulting in domestic CNC metal-cutting machine tools in terms of quality, delivery and service and other well-known brands than there is a big gap.

Driven by demand, the current society, many CNC machine tool training, but the old textbooks, teachers, aging and other issues prevalent. The relevant state departments should cause enough attention to the problem, so as to ensure the long-term development of CNC machine tools.

China's CNC machine tool products must improve the independent development and manufacturing capabilities to high-end CNC machine tool development as the main objective, improve machine reliability and industrialization level, speed up the introduction of technology and international cooperation to develop products to meet user needs.

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