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Ultra-precision machining center

▼Select mineral casting structure;
▼High rigidity, low vibration, good stability and long service life;
▼Stable performance, reliable work, high precision and high efficiency;
▼Japan SMC pneumatic components;
▼Heidenhain 0.1um resolution grating ruler;
▼High-precision ball screw and torque linear motor can be selected;
▼Siemens, Fanuc and Mitsubishi control systems can be selected.
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This model can complete high-precision, high-finish, and high-efficiency processing in one clamping.


Fields of application

Graphite electrode, graphite jig, optical mold, precision copper, engineering precision ceramic processing.


Technical parameters

Model Units S650-C Z650-C
Axis stroke
X travel distance mm 500 500
Y travel distance mm 400 400
Z travel distance mm 250 250
Working tabie
Tabie size mm 600×500 600×500
Work tabie type T-TABLE T-TABLE
Work piece max.weight Kg 100 80
X.Y.Z.Rapid speed M/min 24 90
Cutting speed M/min 10 10
Spindie rpm R/min 40000/36000/32000 40000/36000/32000
pindie power kw 3.7/5.5/8.5 3.7/5.5/8.5
Type of tool holder Self-developed servo disc type
Number of tool holders 12 tools/16 tools 12 tools/16 tools
Hilt form HSK-E25/E32/E40 HSK-E25/E32/E40
Positioning mm 0.005< 0.003
Repeatability mm 0.004(300mm) 0.002 (300mm)
CNC control Siemens/Fanuc/Mitsubishi Siemens/Heidenhain/Rexroth
Rated voltage 380V three-phase (50-60HZ)
Compressed air MPA 0.55-0.65
Rated gross power KVA 7.8 9
Machine size(length×width×height) mm 2050×1700×2480 2050×1700×2480
Machine weight Kg 3200 3200

*The above machine tool accuracy technical parameters refer to national standards, and use Renishaw (RENISHAW) dual-frequency laser interferometer and ballbar for detection and calibration


Application Case:



 High-precision high-gloss machine
High-precision high-gloss machine
▼Choose natural marble as the body;
▼Ken has the characteristics of small vibration, good stability and long service life;
▼Stable performance, reliable work, high precision and high efficiency;
▼The machine tool adopts Taiwan/Siemens control system;
▼South Korea RPS high precision air bearing spindle;
▼Japan THK high precision linear guide;
▼Japan NSK high precision ball screw and high precision bearing;
▼Barometer, filter device and solenoid valve of Japan SMC.

Ultra precision machining center
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